Hire a 12 Yard Hire Oxfordshire - From Your Local Oxfordshire Skip Hire Experts

Within our very wide chain of varied skip sizes at Skip Hire Oxfordshire, our advice is a 'maxi' 12 yard unit which is fitting for large waste removal projects.

The 12 yard unit from Skip Hire Oxfordshire is ideal for the major projects and at times comes with an affixed lid to secure the contents within. The 12 yard skip available from Skip Hire Oxfordshire is appropriate for different kinds of rubbish, including miscellaneous domestic and garden refuse, timber and waste items.


Competitive Rates for 12 Yard Skip Hire in Oxfordshire and UK

When you book a 12 backyard space from Skip Hire Oxfordshire, we will arrange the shipment of the unit to your fixed location and relieve the skip without the need for any involvement from yourself.

Skip Hire Oxfordshire are currently reusing up to 90% of the waste that is got rid of amongst a 12 yard skip unit. To match the requirements of all our customers, our Skip Hire Oxfordshire 12 yard maxi skips are accessible for precise or great duration hire.


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At Skip Hire Oxfordshire we are sure in the price of our 12 yard skip hire is very competitive, making it an excellent choice for more substantial waste removal in UK.

Our 12 yard skip hire at Skip Hire Oxfordshire measures approximately 13ft long, 6.5ft wide and 6.5ft high, making it one of the larger models accessible. At Skip Hire Oxfordshire our 12 yard skip is our most sought-after design for different industrial and commercial application due to its wider dimensions.

The high sides of the 12 yard skip from Skip Hire Oxfordshire means it is ideal for holding large, bulky items such as construction decree.

At Skip Hire Oxfordshire our maxi 12 yard skip is capable of holding an estimated 110 inky bin carryalls of waste. When your skip is full, our qualified collection squad from Skip Hire Oxfordshire will include in and remove your skip without the need for any involvement from yourself.


At Skip Hire Oxfordshire our 12 yard skips are on offer for commercial use, the large dimensions make it perfect for large companies to manage their waste disposal.

If you are still indecisive whether the 12 yard skip is the ideal one for you, call one of Skip Hire Oxfordshire advisors today on 01865 238055 for a step-by-step guidance, recommendations and a price estimate. For more information regarding our 12 yard skip, or any other units that Skip Hire Oxfordshire offer, don't delay phone today on 01865 238055 or send us a message at [email protected] for personalised advice.